Why buy a firearm from the TTC Gun Store?

The TTC gun store presents a unique opportunity to the potential firearms purchasers as we provide firearms, training and accessories at an affordable rate.  Purchasing a firearm requires some forethought as the responsibility; application and user must be considered. However, this just breaches the surface. Firearms are very diverse and we specialize in handguns and

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8 seconds faster

8 seconds faster because “Smooth is Fast”. If you watch the video and keep track of the time, you’ll see that this shooter, C.S. (our shooter in the drill) is about 8 seconds faster than the majority of the other shooters. Listen to how long gunfire from other shooters continue after she completes her drill.

Let me explain why: Our student, C.S., does quite a few things correctly in her movements, all of which makes her efficient and safe as she engages the targets. Her muzzle is kept in a safe direction and it doesn’t seem to waver from a Horizontal Shooting Plane. Her combined shooting stance and grip allows her to manage recoil and the handgun barely moves between shots, allowing for on target repeat shots (as per the drill). Her finger comes off the trigger when not shooting; look at the conclusion of the drill and the magazine change. Her magazine change is robotically efficient; as the old magazine is being ejected, a new magazine is being brought to the handgun. During the magazine change the handgun is held at eye level, allowing constant visual contact with the threats/targets. Finally, at the conclusion of the drill she stops to reassess the targets, instead of automatically holstering. C.S. has all of the elements and mechanics to efficient and accurate shooting ingrained. For her, it’s just a matter of refining these skills for speed and accuracy.

Becoming a fast and accurate shooter, is a combination of acquiring skills and understanding efficient human movement. Speed and accuracy does not have to comprise safety, it should augment it. Learning to shoot fast and accurately is an acquired and appreciated skill. It takes time, instruction, practice and the development of skill to acquire it; and it will depreciate if it not maintained.

The Colt advertising saying goes, “God didn’t make all men equal, but Samuel Colt did”. Maybe that saying should be rephrased to “God didn’t make all men equal, Samuel Colt tried, C.S. trained smarter and some of the men cried!”


A COMMON QUESTION WE RECEIVE IS: WHEN DO I USE MY SAFETY? The general answer is to put the safety “off” when you are going to shoot the firearm, otherwise keep it on. But unless the use of a safety is incorporated into the presentation of a firearm, the shooter can easily forget about the safety, resulting in a miscue. This miscue during competition may can cause a loss of points, however in typical operation or in self-defense scenario it can cost a life. Remember, the operator of a firearm should always know the condition of it. The operator should know and verify by TOUCH whether it’s loaded or unloaded, what position the safety is in, if it’s in battery (a cartridge in the chamber and the slide is locked forward) and have a pretty good idea as to the amount of ammunition is in it. Remember that a safety is a mechanical device and should never be used in place of safe firearms handling.  A nice feature of the AR platform is that when applying the safety, the index finger comes off the trigger as the thumb switches the safety off.

This principle can be applied to other firearms platforms as well.  It’s especially applicable to 1911 types, Browning HiPower types.

The key to proficient firearms handling is use to utilize the sense of touch. The use of firearms is tactile based.

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Handgun Home Defense Classes

Handgun home defense classes at Tactical Training Center

So you bought your new handgun and received some basic instruction. You’ve now found a fun hobby, learned something new and gained some confidence thinking that your handgun could help defend you at some possible point. Our handgun home defense classes are a must for you. Before you consider your handgun training complete, consider the

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