So you bought your new handgun and received some basic instruction. You’ve now found a fun hobby, learned something new and gained some confidence thinking that your handgun could help defend you at some possible point. Our handgun home defense classes are a must for you.

Before you consider your handgun training complete, consider the elements under which you would have to defend yourself or a loved one. It may be dark or dim-light. There will probably be a lot of confusion and chaos. You may have difficulty in determining who the person is and if they’re a threat to your safety. Is it difficult for you to grab and load your handgun in the dark? These are host of questions that we address during our Handgun Home Defense Classes.

This video is a simple drill that we use to bring awareness to our students as to how difficult it may be to safely operate and identify a threat in low-light conditions. Our Handgun Home Defense classes provide skills and develops awareness and understanding to better make decisions that could ultimately significantly effect several lives. Proper use of flashlight, proper loading and unloading, proper muzzle control and understanding of ballistics are very important. What is critical is that you continually test your tactics as well as yourself to make sure that you are fully prepared.



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