The TTC gun store presents a unique opportunity to the potential firearms purchasers as we provide firearms, training and accessories at an affordable rate.  Purchasing a firearm requires some forethought as the responsibility; application and user must be considered. However, this just breaches the surface.

Firearms are very diverse and we specialize in handguns and semi-auto rifles.  However, we have the knowledge and resources to equip you for any firearms use.  Some people opt to purchase a firearm without ever having used a firearm, or make a decision to purchase a firearm based upon an article or video.  In order to purchase the correct firearm for you it is worth your time and money to actually handle and use the firearm that you are interested in.  Our staff and selection of firearms will guide you to make the best purchase for you.

We have a “No Regrets” policy that allows the return of any new, in-stock firearm for the full price on store credit exchange if made within 30 days.  The purchase of a new or in-stock firearm from the TTC Gun Store includes a free one-month range membership.  (does not include transfer firearms).  The purchase of a firearm also includes a $50.00 in house gift card redeemable for cleaning or other accessories.  We have a host of tactical training courses and provide individual coaching lessons as well.  Please see our website or call our staff for details.

Please don’t make a purchase of a firearm that you won’t use or are reluctant to use.  The use and purchase of a firearm requires training, expertise and practice.  We can provide all three to you.


Also at the TTC 40 yard long shooting range:

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