Firearm Transfers

In-State & Out-of-State Transfers

The Tactical Training Center holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL).

In that regard we can both receive and transfer firearms to legally authorized New Jersey residents who purchase or obtain firearms both within the state and from sources outside the state of New Jersey.

Additionally, we can hold and ship firearms to FFL’s located in other states should a customer be transferred to another state for employment, sell or give a firearm to an out of state resident, or simply to ship firearms as associated with travel or vacation plans for a customer that does not wish to be concerned about often confusing state firearms laws.

Out of state transfers

When transferring firearms into the Tactical Training Center we request prior notification so we can anticipate the arrival of your transfer, as well as coordinate with the sending FFL to ensure a seamless transition to you. We make every attempt to make your firearm available to you within 1-2 business days of receipt.

When transferring firearms out of the state we accomplish that quickly and through coordination with your identified out-of-state FFL. We utilize major shipping companies and comply with all state and federal laws and guidelines.

General transfer fees can be located under the “FFL Transfer Fee” section on the membership page of the website. Prices vary based upon your level of membership. Additionally, discounts can be applied if receiving more than one item in the same shipment.

Top Name Brands

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Note: Prices do not include shipping fees when sending items from the Tactical Training Center to other FFL’s. Call with your receiving FFL name and address to get a shipping quote.