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Discover the pinnacle of American craftsmanship with Benchmade Knives, now proudly available at the Tactical Training Center in Flemington, New Jersey. Since 1979, Benchmade has set the standard for using superior materials and offering unparalleled durability, backed by their LifeSharp guarantee. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or seeking your first premium knife, our selection includes models for every use — tactical, hunting, fishing, cooking, and everyday carry. Among our featured models, the iconic 940 Osborne stands out for its exquisite design and versatility. Embrace the Benchmade promise of quality and precision that lasts a lifetime. Visit us to find your perfect Benchmade match and elevate your collection or daily carry with a knife that embodies excellence and reliability.

Why Benchmade Knives?

Since 1979 Benchmade has been making USA quality knives. They use superior materials for all of their models and are backed by a LifeSharp guarantee. Benchmade will re-sharpen your knife to the factory edge for free, for the life of the knife. Purchasing a Benchmade comes with more than the knife, it also includes cleaning, oiling, and any adjustments needed. Benchmade makes all kinds of models to fit the needs of anyone looking to carry a knife. Whether it be for tactical, hunting, fishing, cooking, custom and EDC, you can find your match on Benchmade. I have been collecting knives for many years and have developed quite an expansive collection. My go to Benchmade is a 940 Osborne, designed/collaboration with Warren Osbourne. To this day, it is still one of their flagship models. So, if you are looking for a great all American knife that will last a lifetime, check out Benchmade Knives here at Tactical Training Center. We are now a dealer and carry most of the popular models they have to offer!

My Bugout® Benchmade Knives

New Benchmade Knives Available Now

Benchmade Taggedout (Model 15535)

  • Purpose: Crafted for the outdoorsman, this knife doubles as a survival tool.
  • Material: Forged from CPM 154 stainless steel for exceptional performance.
  • Handle: High-visibility orange Grivory, designed for resilience and visibility.
  • Guarantee: Covered by Benchmade’s LifeSharp guarantee, a testament to American craftsmanship.
  • Ideal Use: A rugged companion for hunting and outdoor adventures, offering reliability in the wilderness.

Benchmade Mini Crooked River (15085-2)

  • Design: Merges classic aesthetics with functional superiority, embodying the spirit of the wild.
  • Material: Features an elegant wood handle with a traditional clip point blade.
  • Lock: Utilizes the renowned AXIS lock for unparalleled security.
  • Legacy: Backed by Benchmade’s LifeSharp promise, ensuring enduring quality.
  • Spirit: For those carrying the essence of the hunt, respecting craftsmanship through generations.

Benchmade Crooked River (15080-2)

  • Majesty: Reflects the grandeur of the outdoors, a pinnacle of knife design.
  • Composition: Dymondwood handle paired with a robust CPM-S30V clip point blade.
  • Durability: Ensured longevity with Benchmade’s LifeSharp service.
  • Craftsmanship: A demonstration of American ingenuity, ideal for adventure seekers demanding excellence.

Benchmade Osborne (Model 943)

  • Innovation: A sleek blend of modern innovation and tradition, crafted in collaboration with Warren Osborne.
  • Material: Made with superior CPM-S30V steel, ensuring lasting performance.
  • Service: Covered by the LifeSharp service, guaranteeing peak functionality.
  • Essence: A historic piece, serving as both a tool for the future and a modern adventurer’s staple.

Benchmade Bugout (Model 535FE-05)

  • Concept: Embodies portability and resilience for those pushing boundaries.
  • Build: Features a lightweight Grivory handle with an CPM-S30V steel blade, perfect for adventure.
  • Promise: The LifeSharp guarantee ensures a lifelong commitment to reliability.
  • Functionality: Designed for everyday carry or unexpected challenges, proving strength in a lightweight package.

9400 Osborne, Reverse Tanto, Automatic

  • Design: The 9400 Osborne features a reverse tanto blade, combining the toughness of a tanto with the utility of a traditional blade shape.
  • Mechanism: An automatic opening mechanism for rapid deployment with the push of a button.
  • Material: Constructed with premium-grade steel for the blade, offering exceptional edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  • Handle: Ergonomically designed handle for comfort and control during use.
  • Ideal For: Enthusiasts seeking a reliable and fast-opening knife for everyday carry, blending classic Osborne design with modern automatic functionality.

Shootout, Automatic, OTF

  • Concept: A sleek, lightweight OTF knife designed for quick, one-handed operation, making it an ideal tool for a variety of tasks.
  • Blade: Crafted from premium steel, providing a balance of sharpness, durability, and corrosion resistance.
  • Handle: Features a textured surface for enhanced grip, even in adverse conditions.
  • Use: Perfect for those requiring a dependable, easy-to-carry knife for both tactical applications and everyday tasks.

Sibert, Mini Adamas, Axis, Stud

  • Design: The Mini Adamas marries ruggedness with precision engineering, featuring Shane Sibert’s renowned design prowess.
  • Blade: Crafted from premium CPM-CruWear steel, offering unparalleled toughness and edge retention.
  • Mechanism: Utilizes the AXIS lock, ensuring reliability and ease of use with either hand.
  • Handle: Made with G10 scales, providing a secure grip in any condition.
  • Ideal For: Those in need of a compact yet robust everyday carry knife that can withstand the toughest environments.

375FE-1 Sibert, Fixed Adamas, FB, Chord

  • Construction: A testament to durability, this fixed blade version of the Adamas is designed for the most demanding tasks.
  • Material: The blade is made from CPM-CruWear steel for exceptional performance under pressure.
  • Handle: Features an ergonomic design with a textured surface for a firm grip.
  • Usage: Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike who require a dependable tool for survival and tactical applications.

537GY-1 Bailout, Axis, Tanto

  • Design: This model offers an ultralight build for those who prioritize speed and mobility.
  • Blade: Tanto blade constructed from CPM-3V steel, ensuring top-notch durability and edge retention.
  • Lock: Equipped with the AXIS lock for secure blade operation.
  • Handle: Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, offering strength without the weight.
  • Ideal For: Adventurers and servicemen looking for a lightweight yet capable tool for their high-stakes missions.

551-S30V Pardue, Drop Point Grip, Axis, Stud

  • Design: A versatile folding knife that combines practicality with Joe Pardue’s signature design.
  • Blade: Utilizes CPM-S30V steel for a perfect blend of sharpness and durability.
  • Mechanism: Features the AXIS lock for easy, ambidextrous operation.
  • Handle: The handle is designed for comfort and efficiency, making it suitable for a variety of tasks.
  • Suitable For: Ideal for everyday carry, offering reliability and functionality in a compact form.

556-S30V Pardue, Mini Drop Point Grip, Axis, Stud

  • Overview: A compact version of the 551, this model retains all the utility in a smaller package.
  • Blade: Made with CPM-S30V steel for excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  • Locking System: Incorporates the AXIS lock, ensuring safety and ease of use.
  • Handle: Ergonomically designed for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Use: Perfect for those who value precision and portability in their everyday carry knife.

537GY Bailout, Axis, Tanto

  • Features: Shares the same high standards as the 537GY-1, with a focus on lightweight performance.
  • Blade: CPM-3V steel blade in a tanto style for enhanced piercing capability.
  • Mechanism: AXIS lock for reliable use in any condition.
  • Handle: Aircraft-grade aluminum for a light yet resilient construction.
  • Designed For: Users who need a dependable, easy-to-carry tool that doesn’t compromise on strength.

539GY Anonimus, Fixed, Drop Point

  • Construction: A robust fixed blade knife designed for the rigors of the outdoors.
  • Blade: Crafted from premium steel, offering durability and sharpness.
  • Handle: Ergonomic design provides a solid grip in all conditions.
  • Application: Ideal for camping, hunting, and survival situations where reliability is key.

555-S30V Pardue, Mini Grip, Axis, Hole

  • Design: Compact and versatile, this knife is a smaller sibling to the 551, offering unparalleled functionality.
  • Blade: Features CPM-S30V steel for lasting performance.
  • Lock: Employs the AXIS locking mechanism for safety and ease of operation.
  • Handle: Designed for comfort and control, suitable for precise tasks.
  • Perfect For: Everyday carry enthusiasts who demand quality and efficiency in a smaller package.

565BK-02 Mini-Freek, Axis

  • Features: A dynamic tool that blends strength, precision, and ergonomics.
  • Blade: Premium steel blade ensures reliability and sharpness.
  • Locking Mechanism: AXIS lock for dependable blade deployment and safety.
  • Handle: Offers a secure grip, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Intended For: Those seeking a versatile and robust knife for everyday tasks and outdoor adventures.

580 Osborne, Barrage Drop Point, Axis Assist

  • Design: Combines the classic Osborne design with the convenience of the AXIS Assist for rapid deployment.
  • Blade: Made with high-quality steel for cutting efficiency and durability.
  • Mechanism: AXIS Assist provides a quick and safe blade opening.
  • Handle: Ergonomically designed for comfort and control during use.
  • Ideal For: Knife enthusiasts and professionals looking for a fast-operating, reliable everyday carry option.

Hidden Canyon Hunter, Fixed Blade, Wood Handle

  • Design: Compact and robust, designed specifically for the needs of hunters.
  • Blade: Premium-grade steel blade for exceptional cutting performance in field dressing tasks.
  • Handle: Wood handle that not only provides a classic look but also ensures a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Ideal For: Hunters looking for a dedicated tool that is both functional and visually appealing for processing game in the field.

535GRY-1 Bugout, Axis, Drop Point

  • Features: A lightweight, high-strength folding knife ideal for hiking and everyday carry.
  • Blade: Features a drop point blade made from premium steel, balancing sharpness and durability.
  • Lock: Equipped with the AXIS locking mechanism for easy operation and secure handling.
  • Handle: Gray Grivory handle offers a sleek look while providing excellent durability and grip.
  • Suitable For: Outdoor enthusiasts and EDC users who require a reliable knife that is easy to carry and use.

575-1 Mini Presidio II, Axis

  • Design: A smaller, more manageable version of the classic Presidio model, designed for tactical and everyday use.
  • Blade: Crafted from high-quality steel to offer resilience and reliability in various tasks.
  • Lock: Features the dependable AXIS lock system for enhanced safety.
  • Handle: Ergonomically designed for comfort and effective handling in all conditions.
  • Intended For: Those needing a compact tactical knife that doesn’t compromise on strength or functionality.

9570BK Mini Claymore, Auto, Drop Point

  • Mechanism: Automatic blade deployment for quick and easy access with a push-button.
  • Blade: Drop point blade made from durable steel, suitable for a variety of cutting tasks.
  • Handle: Designed with a textured surface for a non-slip grip, enhancing operational safety.
  • Usage: Ideal for military, law enforcement, and civilians who appreciate a fast-acting, reliable automatic knife for rapid deployment.



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