Top NJ Parties & Events this Weekend with TTC – Family Celebrations, Bachelor Parties, Corporate Events and More!

Enjoy the Best NJ Parties & Events with Tactical Training Center!

Tactical Training Center offers a convenient, large, clean and safe venue to hold your next social event. Our trained staff will accompany your group, help with firearms rentals and ammo and facilitate a fun day or night at our 40 yard range. You’ll have access to our ample VIP room equipped with comfy leather seats, a large conference table, large screen TV, refrigerator and more. Call us today for pricing and availability! We can’t wait to be part of your special event.

What kind of events does TTC host?

The Tactical Training Center hosts an eclectic ‘range’ of events, including:

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  • Business Meetings
  • Team Building
  • Date Nights
  • Women’s Social Night
  • First Responders Night
  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduation Parties
  • Youth Camp
  • Teen Night
  • Holiday Parties
  • Family Activity
  • and More

Fun and Exciting Party Events in Flemington, NJ!

Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a holiday celebration, some organized family fun or the corporate or business team-building opportunity, the Tactical Training Center is the place to book for your next event. Our party packages include the private use of our Very Important Person (VIP) lounge, a selection of firearms you choose, ammunition, eye and hearing protection, targets, event dedicated shooting ports and an assigned Lead Instructor, assisted by an Assistant Instructor/Range Safety Officer.

Most parties begin by ensuring required waivers are completed, a party or event overview, a brief discussion on the functioning of the firearms to be used and finally a safety briefing. From there we head out to the range to “make some noise”, possibly generate a bit of competitive fun and enjoy the party package selected.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages can be brought in for your party or event or we can even arrange for the delivery of items to be enjoyed at the time you select.

Our party packages are based upon 10 participants however all packages can be adjusted up or down based upon your needs. Generally, parties are scheduled for two (2) hours and attending guests should arrive at least 15 minutes early. Attendees should wear basic long sleeve crew necked shirts, closed toe athletic style footwear and the wearing of a baseball style cap is suggested.

Minimal age is 14 to shoot handguns and rifles (10 years of age for .22 Long Rifle (LR) only shooters)

Stop by, give us a call, shoot us an email and allow us to host your next party or event-We know it will be a “BANG!”

Looking for some new party ideas that anyone can enjoy? Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties, Special Events, Corporate Events, and more? Look no further than TTC Laser Combat! It’s a new fun and safe laser tag experience that everyone, no matter age or gender, can enjoy! We offer a different kind of party experience that you won’t forget! It’s a true hidden gem right next door to you in Flemington, NJ, connected directly with our Tactical Training Center. We welcome you and your party to some exciting laser combat that feels real but is safe and educational.

Contact us today for all of your upcoming birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, family reunion events, and more! We offer easy scheduling and can customize any party experience to match your liking! You can schedule online by yourself, call or email us — whichever is most convenient for you!

Learn more about TTC Laser Combat Here for Kids Parties & More Here!

Looking for a custom party or event that includes both the TTC Gun Range and TTC Laser Combat? Click here to reach our Special Events Coordinator



The “.22 Crew”

The 22 Crew package consists of all firearms chambered in the 22LR caliber. A great selection when you have a group of newer shooters.  One of the best things about the caliber 22LR is that noise and recoil are minimized, and often accuracy is enhanced as shooters quickly gain confidence utilizing with these firearms. The .22 Crew includes five (5) firearms (semi-automatic pistols, revolvers and rifles) and up to 100 rounds of ammunition for each participant.

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“All Fired Up”

The All Fired Up package is a blended program that generally lasts 3 hours. It starts in the VIP lounge, moves to the range to enjoy some live fire handgun shooting utilizing .22LR and 9mm handguns, then concludes with a round of Laser Combat (the Premium package) using our on-site, indoor Laser Combat arena.  The All Fired Up package includes five (5) semi-automatic pistols (2- .22LR and 3-9mm) and up to 50 rounds of ammunition for each caliber handgun (100 rounds total), and the TTC Laser Combat Premium package which includes the use of Cobra M4 rifles with three round bursts, 2 extra life renewals, 4 full magazines, a tactical vest and helmet.  This fast paced fun and interactive package is guaranteed to get your guests, “All Fired Up!”

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“Rockin the Glocks”

It’s been consistently reported that roughly 65% of law enforcement agencies across the United Sates use the Glock manufactured handgun to serve and protect their communities. The Rockin the Glocks package allows you and your guests to experience shooting Law Enforcements “favorite gun”, in calibers from .22LR, 9mm, 40SW and finally 45ACP. While this package is geared for the shooters with a bit more experience, providing a bit more “firepower”, it can easily be tailored for the newer shooter to participate, have fun and maybe focus on the included lighter recoiling 22LR or 9mm versions of the Glocks. Rockin the Glocks is also a good package for those looking to try out a few different size pistol rounds, and the associated energy provided by the varying calibers. Rockin the Glocks includes five (5) Glock semi-automatic pistols (G44, G19, G17, G22/23 and G41) up to 100 rounds of ammunition for each participant.

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“Long Gun Fun”

Long Gun Fun is the just that, all things long gun. While pistol shooting brings lots of fun, sometimes shooters just like to reach out a bit further and try something a bit larger….maybe even with a bit more bang. Long Gun Fun offers your participants with the opportunity to shoot some very common rifle rounds in a variety of firearm options and calibers. Long Gun Fun will allow you to enjoy firing rifles, “others’” and pistol caliber carbines from the 22LR, 223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, 9mm, 7.62 X 39mm and 308 Winchester. Long Gun Fun includes five (5) long guns of varying calibers as outlined above and up to 100 rounds of ammunition for each participant.

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“Hot Shot”

The “Hot Shot” package is a package for those “hot shots” amongst us. Those who like to take action to the next level and want to mix a bit of pistol fun with some rifle work. When you select the “hot shot” package for your party or event know your guests will be enjoying all that life has to offer. They will experience various pistol caliber handguns as well as rifle caliber firearms, and all that both have to offer. The Hot Shot package includes five (5) firearms (2 pistols and three rifles/others) of varying calibers and up to 100 rounds of ammunition for each participant. Pistols will include 1-9mm, 1-40SW or 45ACP and three (3) long guns to include an AR, an “other” and either the “AK” or M1A rifle.

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The TTC reserves the right to substitute any firearms or ammunition based upon serviceability and availability.

“Add-ons” (more ammunition, firearms, targets, participants, etc.) may be added to any packages as an upgrade option, so long as adequate staffing and resources are available to support a safe and fun firearms entertainment experience.

Custom designed packages may be developed to meet a specific party or event theme. Contact our Special Events Coordinator, Melissa Horner at to discuss that opportunity.


The Tactical Training Center “1 on 1” program is designed to meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyle. While we offer many classes and programs for all levels of shooters, sometimes a private lesson fits best into your schedule. This allows us to work with you individually or with a small group of friends or family that you invite, at a time that best fits into your schedule, while we tailor a program to meet your needs.

Some lesson options include a basic introduction to a firearm platform (pistol, rifle or shotgun), “Try To Buy” explorations, coaching sessions to build better skills or eradicate poor habits that may have developed, sighting in new sights, scopes or other optics, familiarization of an newly acquired firearm, or just simply to have some fun trying out a new activity. Some use these sessions as a precursor to our many courses from Basic through Expert level.

Learn more about our 1 on 1 private lessons here.

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