Active Shooter Response and Executive Self-Protection

Corporate Active Shooter Response and Executive Self-Protection Training

Our training will provide you individual and team tactics so you will become proficient in the demands you will meet in corporate or executive security professions.

Active Shooter Response Training for the Armed Security Officer

Corporations, Campuses and Industries are hiring Armed Security Officers in response to the unfortunate trend of Terrorism, Active Shooters and Workplace Violence. Our highly experienced training staff will provide security professionals with the training, tactics, and standards that security professionals are required to possess in order to protect facilities and ensure the safety of corporate personnel against these events. By utilizing our large indoor range and professional experience we will provide your security professionals with a skill-set that far exceeds typical armed-security standards and provides for appropriate solutions. Our firearms’ training incorporates current individual and team tactics, ethics, legal standards and threat evaluation.

Please contact Scott Lessig, Director of Training at 908-968-4855 directly for more details.

Executive Self-Protection

We provide training for individuals who may be interested in protecting their own home and personal safety while traveling either to or from the workplace or traveling outside the continental United States. Our Executive Self-Protection classes include a complete foundation on the capabilities of all types of firearms and other weapons, so that the Executive can evaluate their own safety and be better informed to make personal safety related decisions and proper plans. We provide firearms training for the Executive, as well as the small business owner who may elect to provide their own security with a firearm. Our Executive Self-Protection training program is discreet and based upon real-world events, current legal standards, ethics and incorporates legal decision making and threat evaluation.

Please contact Scott Lessig, Director of Training at 908-968-4855 directly for more details.

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