Group Play Tactical Laser Tag Events and Parties!

We Program:

  • How many rounds per magazine
  • How many magazines per mission
  • How much health you get

We assign multiple missions you need to complete to save your team.

Your Role:

With the limited amount of ammo, mags and health, you need to complete the mission, and save your team.

Do you got what it takes?

We put the Tactical, in the Tactical Training Center.

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Tactical Laser Tag Near Flemington, NJ!

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What Our Tactical Laser Tag Customers Are Saying!


Crystal (Mom of 3)
You will definitely enjoy this place. The boys had a blast. It’s real gun they outfit to a laser gun. You will have a great time.

Marine Sgt. Shermer
Something I’ve never experienced before!

Bob G.
As realistic as it gets!

Cecily O.
OMG So much fun!


Melissa C.
We had my son’s 10th birthday party here yesterday. We used their VIP room and then the laser course. The kids had a blast! Can’t say enough good things about the place. All of the staff was super friendly and very accommodating. Nick ran the laser course and had no problem corralling a bunch of ten year old boys while keeping it super fun for them. I was originally concerned that it wasn’t going to be very kid friendly, but my concerns were unwarranted. I would highly recommend, we definitely will be back!

Paul W.
Complete sensory overload

Tyce H.
Carrying an 8 pound rifle for 4 missions was an incredible workout!
I don’t know how our troops do it!

Steve V.
This sets a whole new bar for the Laser Tag experience

Gary S.
Loved the Uzi. Watch your fire rate tho. It must shoot a milion rounds a minute. Get more mags!!

Joe G.
I thought I was a good gamer, I was paired against some guy in law enforcement. I was out in like 20 seconds. Next time I’m getting a whole bunch of health kits, and maybe a machine gun.

Kyle P.
Never saw such realistic weaponry.

Jim P.
I love head shots only. No way of cheating by hiding those stupid plastic vests behind an obstacle like other places I played.

Rick H.
Would love to bring my Fire Department in one night.

Ryan G.
No stupid fake guns here. They feel like the real deal.

Bryan S.
Best bachelor party I’ve ever been to, and it didn’t even have girls!

Pete B.
Better than air soft. (no honor system to deal with)
Lasers know when you’ve been hit.

Rich G.
Loved the music as we played. It rocked! I think it was Killswitch Engage.

Vinnie G

The machine gun was a blast! Was totally realistic. Weighs a ton! Went thru ammo like you wouldn’t believe! Thank God I bought more mags.

Bill C.
Awesome birthday party! My friends loved it! Juggernaut was so much fun. I had 1000 health and a machine gun against my entire party. I wish I rented the Go Pro so I could of filmed it to show my cousin in the Marines.

Tactical Training Center Laser Combat was much more than I imagined. When you hear laser tag, you think of a kid’s birthday party but this was just so much more fun with an immersed experience and I can’t wait to go back!


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