Here are the top two 40 Yard Friday winners.

Nick K. (left) and Neil O. (right)

The competition was fierce last night while the two top finalists battled it out to see who will be the Top Gun at the TTC’s 40 Yard Friday contest.

Quite a number of previous winners came in to try their luck (or skill) at shooting a playing card at 40 yards. (6 shots, iron sights)

Nick K. brought his trusty H&K VP9, while Neil O, brought his favored Victory 22.  They battled back and forth, but it was winner take all.  No second prize winners, and certainly no participation trophies at the TTC.

Neil finally out shot his opponent winning a grand purse which includes a Ruger 10/22, a $100 gift certificate to the Ryland Inn, a $50 gift certificate to the TTC, and of course the bragging rights.

Congratulations to Neil and to all the competitors.