TO:  NJ Concealed Carry Permit Holders

FROM: Scott Lessig – TTC Director of Training

DATE:  25JUL2023

RE:  Revised CCW training and qualification standards from the NJSP and NJOAG

Many of you are asking for advice on whether or not you are required to complete the new training standards.  You may have also seen what other ranges are doing.  Some ranges have said that they have been told by the NJSP that their previous qualification is similar enough to the new test and are telling their customers that the previous qualification is enough. Some ranges are recommending that everyone since the Bruen decision should qualify.  We are also aware that the some of the new training forms from the NJSP forms webpage indicate that “Any requirement for classroom training and target training shall not be required for a renewal applicant who completed the instruction and training when obtaining a permit to carry a handgun issued within the previous two years.”  There’s lots of conflicting information out there.  The best advice that I can give you is to read the revised statute N.J.S. 2C:58-4 (signed into law on Dec 22, 2022) and review the Administrative Code N.J.A.C 13:54-2.4 and apply it to the training that you have received and the date that your Concealed Carry Permit was granted, and make your decision on whether or not you want to requalify.

We have a different perspective, instead of looking to see whether one should qualify or not, why not train and advance your skillset?  We are the Tactical TRAINING Center; training is what we do to prepare ourselves for what we don’t want to have to do.  We train UP to standards, not DOWN.  Our initial qualification course mirrored the Retired Officer’s Qualification Course, and we had a failure rate of about 15-20%.  Most of those who did fail, obtained additional training, practiced and then passed.  Some of those who failed, decided to go to another range with lesser qualification standards.  In the end, those who went to other ranges and got their permits, didn’t do themselves nor their families any favors.  It’s interesting that the new standards are similar to what ours had been.  The CCP holders who came to our range and passed, proved that they possess a skill and proficiency based upon a real world environment and creditable standards. “They Earned It”.   Training to the standard of a new qualification course will only enhance your skills and credibility.

Think ahead, if you are involved in an incident and your training records come into question (which they likely will), do you really want to rely on “we were told that we don’t have to requalify” or would you rather demonstrate that you passed the new standards, and have documentation to prove it?  Perhaps if you don’t requalify, you’ll second guess and you won’t carry.  Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of obtaining your CCP?  For those who indicate that CCP is a Constitutional Right, I entirely agree.  Unfortunately, most of our political leaders in New Jersey disagree, and don’t want people to carry guns, are passing laws left and right to prevent it.  Until we get some relief in the form of case law or revisions you have to navigate this at your own legal peril.  I personally commend you for assuming responsibility for your own personal safety, don’t stop now.  Protect yourself legally, so you can protect yourself physically.


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