The homeowner heard the proverbial “bump in the night,” indicating that an intruder just broke into her house.

She dialed 911 from the phone she had near her bed. She removed her handgun from its secure location, loaded it, then tactically moved to a position of cover and advantage. Utilizing her weapon mounted light, she illuminated the intruder and gave him verbal commands. When the intruder raised his firearm, pointing it in her direction, she stopped the threat with two well placed shots.

The above didn’t take place in an actual residence. It took place in the Tactical Training Center Laser Training Facility. The “intruder” was a role player given specific instructions. The firearms used were laser training pistols.

Coming from a combat Marine Corps Infantry and police Special Weapons and Tactics background, I know the value of scenario-based training. It is extremely helpful to have a knowledge base to accomplish complex skills such as tactical movements designed to enhance your safety in a high threat environment.

While I love being on the range, I feel that scenario-based training like dry firing is just as important as marksmanship training for the defense minded firearm owner.

Watching training videos on the internet can be useful in enhancing your tactical ability. Also, I’ve often preached the benefits of mental imaging, where you imagine “what if” scenarios. How do we test what we’ve seen or imagine? Additionally, many of us are kinesthetic learners, meaning we learn by doing. That’s where controlled scenario-based training utilizing role players with realistic training pistols comes into play.

When I first started in my career, the standard was using real unloaded firearms in scenario-based training. We can do a quick internet search to see why pointing “unloaded” firearms at another person is a bad idea. Today we use completely dedicated training pistols and rifles with laser feedback.

Putting aside the cost of ammunition, due to legitimate safety concerns on the range, you just can’t learn, practice, refine, and test certain skills such as tactical movements in a 360-degree environment. You also can’t utilize role players who move, act, and shoot back like real intruders. Additionally, many people have an apprehension about moving with a live firearm outside the range port. Utilizing a laser training pistol in a controlled environment with role players, the defense minded firearm owner can become a Tactically Proficient defense minded firearm owner.

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