The State of New Jersey is at it once more. The NJ Concealed Carry regulations have undergone another revamp, specifically addressing the training requirements. These updates come swiftly on the heels of the changes made in July of this year. The good news is, this new course of fire isn’t as rigorous as the one before.

If you’re wondering about the details, it’s crucial to read the memo released by the New Jersey Attorney General. This document gives a clear picture and framework for understanding whether or not you might need to “requalify”. You can access the memo at this link:

Once you’ve perused the memo, you’ll note vital takeaways for anyone holding a NJ Concealed Carry Permit. For instance, if you haven’t completed the HQC2-Modified (this being the course of fire that the State mandated around July 1, 2023) or haven’t successfully undergone a CCARES evaluation (a course of fire aligning with the protocol) by December 31, 2023, your permit might no longer be valid.

To check if you’ve complied with the CCARES protocol during your initial TTC Qualification Course, here are the criteria you must have met:

  • A minimum of 50 scored rounds per participant. (The TTC Handgun Qualification Course met this).
  • Secure at least an 80% passage rate using an FBI type Q target. (The TTC Handgun Qualification Course satisfied this).
  • Fire a minimum of 10 rounds each from the 15, 10, 7, 5, and 3-yard lines. If you’ve shot fewer rounds from these distances, the balance must come from farther distances.
  • Safely holster and unholster during the shooting course, which includes drawing the weapon from a secured holster for firing at each mandatory distance and then reholstering after completing the round. (The TTC Handgun Qualification Course passed this).
  • Show proficiency in safe reloading during the shooting course. (The TTC Handgun Qualification Course covered this).

It’s essential to know that if you’ve already cleared the HQC2-Modified, which was set from the start of July 2023 to 15 September 2023, there’s no need to requalify. Kudos to those who managed to clear the HQC2-Modified – it’s a commendably comprehensive training course!

Lastly, remember that New Jersey isn’t rolling out an entirely new course of fire. Instead, they’ve outlined minimal standards each trainer should use as their protocol. Our team has curated a course of fire based on this, and we plan to have it up on our site soon. We believe it provides a realistic gauge of the NJ Concealed Carry Permit holder’s basic standards. This course of fire has been integrated into all our CCW Qualification Courses for NJ Permit sessions.

In the meantime, Keep Training!


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