Securing a concealed carry permit in NJ? Heard about the revised standards that the state has implemented? While these new rules may seem daunting, they are designed to ensure the safety of every NJ resident. As a premier destination for NJ firearms training, the TTC is here to help you navigate these changes.

Concealed Carry in NJ: Understanding the Changing Landscape

So, you’ve obtained your concealed carry permit in NJ. With the state’s evolving regulations, especially with the introduction of interim qualification standards, it’s natural to wonder where this journey ends and how much is truly enough. While we’re not just another NJ gun store or NJ gun range, we believe in the importance of training. Even if you’re an experienced gun-carrier, there’s always more to learn.

Training is different from qualification. At TTC, we focus on providing the right type of NJ firearms training so that you meet the measurable standard of a given task, the qualification. This ensures that you’re adequately prepared in the unfortunate event that you need to use a handgun for defense.

Decoding M.A.S.P.: The Gold Standard of Firearm Training

In my previous career as a SWAT and Law Enforcement training officer, a term stood out – Minimal Acceptable Standards of Performance (M.A.S.P.). Our defenders, whether in law enforcement or military, adhere to this standard. The CCP Qualification course (HQC-modified) is the state’s benchmark of these minimal standards. While the term “minimal” indicates the bare minimum, our goal is to ensure you surpass these standards:

  1. Safely load and unload a handgun, whether at home or discreetly in your vehicle.
  2. Master the art of safely drawing and holstering a concealed handgun, especially with concealing clothing.
  3. Develop the skills to flee, move to cover, issue commands, all while managing a loaded handgun. Know when to holster and when to keep the gun ready.
  4. Achieve accuracy when targeting, understanding the responsibility that every bullet carries.
  5. Adapt to diverse environments – day or night, indoors or outdoors, crowded or secluded places.

Why Mere Qualification Isn’t Enough

Think about the current process: A resident can visit an NJ gun store, purchase a firearm, secure a concealed carry permit, and potentially never fire that gun. Is that the person you’d want nearby in a crisis? While visiting an NJ gun range is a start, it isn’t enough.

Competitive shooting has its merits, but real-world scenarios are unpredictable. The standards set by NJ, as mentioned in N.J.S.A. 13:54-2.4, might lean heavily towards law enforcement training. However, they may not always align with the situations a civilian CCP holder might face.

Beyond the Basics: Training at TTC

Our advice isn’t just about ticking off qualification boxes. We urge you to consider additional training, especially ones that are court defendable and based on the lawful use of self-defense. Proper training results in qualification, and these qualifications set the standard.

This late summer and fall, TTC offers specialized programs dedicated to NJ Concealed Carry classes, practice qualification sessions, Revised Qualifications for current CCP holders, and a dedicated class for initial qualification for prospective permit holders. Join us and elevate your skills.

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