Tactical Shotgun Training

Tactical Shotgun Training Courses

All of our courses are based upon “real-world” necessities and will provide you with the training that you need. By taking our courses you will save range time and ammunition, and you will be coached through all facets of becoming a shotgun operator.

Defensive Tactical Shotgun 101

Duration: 2 hours

This is an introduction to the Basic Function, Operation, and Marksmanship of the tactical shotgun and will provide the new user the basic information of how shotguns work, ballistic information, how they are safely and effectively operated in defensive environments. The students will learn how to PROPERLY unload the magazine shotgun and how to load on stress conditions. The students will fire their shotguns for accuracy and pattern. The foundations of shotgun tactics and self-defense are provided in this class. Students should provide their own shotgun, approximately 30 slugs and 10 rounds of buckshot, eye/ear protection.

Prerequisite: None


Defensive Tactical Shotgun 210

Duration: 2 hours

This is an intermediate class for Defensive Shotgun Use. This course will include advanced techniques and precision shooting with the shotgun for defensive purposes. Reloading skills will be taught, immediate action drills, the correct use of slings, and building clearing. Students should provide their own shotgun, approximately 40 slugs, eye/ear protection.

Prerequisite: Defensive Shotgun 101


Defensive Shotgun 320 Low-Light Defense

Duration: 2 hours

This course is for the Basic Handgun graduate, who desires additional work on their shooting skills foundation. The primary concentration will be on the continuing development of handgun marksmanship and handgun operation. This is a great course to increase your marksmanship skills. Let our instructors show you the handgun operation and marksmanship short-cuts. We will also help identify and correct marksmanship errors. This course requires a handgun, at LEAST 3 magazines or 2 speed-loaders, eye/ear protection and a long-sleeve crew-neck type shirt. At least 200 rounds of ammunition are required.

Prerequisite: TTC Basic Handgun 101, NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting, or a similar basic handgun course.


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