Introductory Courses

Introductory Firearms Courses

Please note: A user can opt to test out of TTC course prerequisites, by completion of a similar course and satisfactorily demonstrating the appropriate level skill set to a TTC Range Officer. This assessment is by appointment only.

TTC 1 on 1 Introductory Firearms Lesson

Firearms Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety is the Tactical Training Center of New Jersey’s response to our community’s need for a firearm’s orientation program for new purchasers or users. Potential Firearms owners are encouraged to take the “first step” of obtaining training and knowledge to see if owning a firearm is right for them. The TTC Firearms Familiarization program is designed to provide basic hands-on introduction for the safe handling and proper orientation, for one specific firearm type. There are three disciplines in the program: rifle, pistol, and shotgun. This is an introductory course and is very basic in nature. If you have never fired a firearm before, this is a great course to either start you on your firearm’s journey or for the one of a kind first time experience. Let our Instructors show how firearms are safely handled. This training must be booked and may be conducted during open range sessions; it does not appear on the Course Calendar. Duration of the session is approximately ½ hour of classroom followed by ½ hour on the range. Includes open range time, due to COVID restrictions implemented by the Governor, we cannot use any of our rental eye and ear protection for the public at this time. You can either bring your own or we can sell you a package for $19.99 which includes the glasses and ear muffs. Please contact the Main Number at 908-782-9000 for further questions or booking.

Prerequisite: None


TTC 1 on 1 Coaching Lesson

This is a one on one COACHING lesson, created to help the established shooter with a specific issue, such as sighting in a scope-sighted rifle, adjusting iron sights, a problem with firearm malfunction or a reoccurring marksmanship issue with their particular firearm. This lesson must be booked and occurs during open range session.

Please contact the Main Number at (908) 782-9000 for further questions or booking.


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