Tactical Pistol Shoot: (competition)


The Tactical Pistol Shoot is a 40 round Tactical Course based upon L.E. tactical standards course which emphasizes timed, accurate marksmanship.

Limited to 10 shooters, please call for reservations.

Shooters must have at LEAST 3 magazines, a duty-type rig, eye/ear protection. You must have proof of being capable of safely drawing and holstering; i.e. Law enforcement, Air Marshall, Classified IDPA/USPSA or certification from a Second Level shooting course.


  • Saturday, May 21st
  • Time: 9:00 – 10:00 AM
  • Cost: $25.00

Please contact Scott Lessig, at Slessig@tacticaltrainingcenternj.com or call 908.782.9000, for details.