Defensive Handgun 210 – An advanced class for the handgun user.

Here, the user will develop a skill set for efficiently operating and accurately firing a handgun.   The class will also consist of position shooting, clearing malfunctions and self-defense considerations.  This course provides the handgun user with advanced information and shooting techniques.  The primary method of instruction will be demonstration and coaching during live-fire and dry-fire shooting drills.  In this course, the shooter will build upon the platform of instruction given with Basic Handgun courses.  Introduction to drawing from a holster, reloading and malfunction clearing will be incorporated into the skill set.

Shooters must provide their own handgun.  Mandatory eye/ear protection, at LEAST three magazines, crew neck shirt, and 350-500 rounds of ammo.

Three, two hour sessions. $250.00.  Prerequisite, NRA Basic Pistol, TTC Basic Handgun 101, or other applicable basic course.

MONDAY JUNE 13TH, JUNE 20TH, AND JUNE 27TH, 5:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.