Back by popular demand, the TTC is offering our second “40-yard Friday Challenge” this Friday, July 15th.

Here are the rules:

Book an hour this Friday and, after you’re warmed up and dialed in, ask our Range Officer for a playing card.
He’ll send it down 40 yards to see if you can hit the card using a handgun (you’ll have a full mag to do it). You can use one hand, two hands, Isosceles, Weaver stance, even bench rest!
If you hit the card, you’ll get 10% off your entire purchase on any given day. TTC Members get 20% off.
*Discounts not applied to firearms or ammunition; previous winners excluded.

In the fall, we’ll bring back all of our winners for a shoot-off for the grand prize yet to be determined.

Good luck everybody!

The TTC is proud to announce our first round of 40-yard Friday winners last month. Congratulations!

Matt T. Hillsborough
Beretta 92 FS

Brian C. – Flemington
Colt 1911 w/conversion top end.

John F. – East Amwell Twp.
Ruger Mk 22lr.

Seth S – Flemington.
Kimber Stainless II 9mm.

John N. – Ringo’s
Sig 226 9mm

Nick K. – Flemington
H&K VP9 mm.

Lawrence F. – Flemington
Custom 1911 .22

Mike S. – Whitehouse