We are pleased to announce this Friday is your last chance to be a “Forty Yard Friday” Finalist.

Now to make it fair to all of our shooters, we’re upping the ante as we tighten up the rules to head to the finals:

After you’re all warmed up and dialed in, ask our Range Officer for a playing card. He’ll send it down 40 yards, which you’ll get (6) shots, “iron sights” off-the-bench to hit that playing card. All “member” winners will get a 20% discount off of your next purchase* and all walk-in winners will receive an hour of free range time.

All the winners will then advance to the finals. At the TTC, there’s no second place winners, and certainly no participation trophy. Winner takes all.

TTC members will have a chance to win a Ruger 10\22 rifle with synthetic stock, $100 dollar gift card to the Ryland Inn, and $50 gift card to the TTC.
Walk-ins will also have a chance to win a $100 dollar gift card to the Ryland Inn and a $50 dollar gift card to the TTC.

Good luck and we’ll see you on Friday!

*Discount does not apply to firearms or ammunition.

Here is the list of the winners from this past summer that will advance to the finals:
In no specific order.

Brian C. – Colt 1911
Tage R. – Walther PPQ
Victor L. – Sig Sauer P226
Phillop W. – Glock 34
Jill S. – Browning .22
Matt T. – Beretta 9
John N. -Sig Sauer 226
Michael F. –Sig Sauer 226
Javier P. -Sig Sauer 9
Greg T. – S&W M&P 22
Daniel H. – S&W Model 617
Scott E. – Glock .45 ACP
Sam L. – Glock 21
Garret V. – Glock 19
Brandon V. – Glock 19
Bill S. –S&W Victory 22
Alex N. S&W M&P .22
Matt T. – Beretta 92FS
Brian C. -Colt 1911 conversion
John F. – Ruger MK 22
Seth S. – Kimber Stainless II
John N. – Sig Sauer 226
Nick K. H&K VP9
Lawrence F Custom 1911
Mike S.