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Shoot The Cancer Memorial Fundraiser

We Need Your Help For a Grieving Widow and Daughter

Special Fundraising Event on Friday Nov. 30th and Saturday Dec. 1st




This is Francesco “Frank” DeStefano, aka Franky D. He is a real human being and a life long resident of Raritan Borough, NJ. He is a son, brother, friend, husband, and most importantly father to 13-year old Kristin. Frank, age 47, died of pancreatic cancer. His time in this world was way too short. Frank passed in the early hours of Thursday, October 18, 2018.

Frank and family came into my life on January 22, 2017, during a pancake breakfast I was volunteering at for prospective students at St. Ann School in Raritan Borough, NJ. Pots were banging, flour flying, bacon frying, and dishes being washed. He never skipped a beat that day. I could tell this man had serious cooking skills. I was so curious I had to ask him if he went to culinary school. “No”, he said, “he cut his culinary chops at his family’s chain of restaurants.” Some of you may remember Arthur Treacher’s around New Jersey. That was Frank and family. My husband, daughter, and myself were new to St. Ann School at the time. Frank, Lisa, Kristin, and an entire motley crew of friends made us feel so welcome. It felt as though we were decades long friends by the end of the day.

July 3rd, 2018, Frank was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The same cancer that claimed his father’s life 20 years ago. After his diagnoses, I was talking, listening, and crying with his wife Lisa. I asked Lisa two questions: what are you going to miss most about Frank? What do you love most about Frank? What Lisa loves most about Frank is his sense of humor, “he always knows how to make me laugh even if I had a bad day at work.” With a crackle in her voice, Lisa said she is going to miss everything about Frank. Mostly his laugher and the hours they would spend just talking and laughing over one of his amazing home cooked meals or a few bottles of Corona, “he truly is my best friend”, said Lisa. She is also going to miss seeing the unconditional and abundant love and compassion he has for his daughter, Kristin. There is nothing greater than a father’s love for his daughter.

By this point in the story, you are probably saying, “Ugh, another fundraiser”, Or, “I don’t know this guy, why should I help?” You may help by participating in the “Shoot the Cancer Memorial Fund” event to benefit Frank’s widow Lisa, and daughter Kristin. In a perfect world, $100,000 would be raised through your generosity to, after fundraiser expenses, reimburse his widow for the funeral and set-up a trust account for Lisa and Kristin to live without worrying about school. The trust will be used for the education of his 13-year old daughter, Kristin, so she may attend Immaculata High School. This was Frank’s biggest dream, to see his daughter graduate from the same high school he went to. With any luck, the remaining balance of the trust will be put towards a few semesters at the college or university of Kristin’s choosing.

Support the memory of Frank at the “Shoot the Cancer Memorial Fund” event at Tactical Training Center (TTC) on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st, 2018.

On Friday, the event is running 10 am to 7 pm. On Saturday, the event is running 10 am to 5 pm. For both day, kindly arrive 15-minutes prior to your appointment for mandatory range safety video and paperwork.

Minors between the ages of 10-17 may partake but must be accompanied by a participating and paying adult or have participated in an official TTC class or camp. Minors still need to have a reserved and paid spot in the event. By New Jersey State law, no one 10 or younger will be allowed on the range or in a port. If you have never held or fired a weapon, certified range masters, former military and law enforcement will be available during the event to instruct and educate. Please plan on approximately 45 to 60-minutes for your time at Tactical Training Center. Also keep in mind, the distillery will not open until 5 pm on Friday and will not open until 2 pm on Saturday; please plan accordingly. If you plan on participating at TTC, Gravity Vault, and the distillery, please participate at TTC and Gravity Vault BEFORE going to the distillery.

If you choose to participate at TTC or Gravity Vault, a reservation is required. First come, first served. A reservation in not needed at Break Away Entertainment and Skunktown Distillery. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Please choose one of the packages below:
Package A: Please go directly to Tactical Training Center.
Packages B-E: Please go directly to event location.
Packages F & G: If you cannot make it to the event and would still like to help.