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TTC Semi-Auto Rifle 101 – AR15 Type

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November 20, 2018 6:00 pm
November 20, 2018 8:00 pm

TTC Semi-Auto Rifle 101-AR15 type
SESSION II of II Duration: Two 2 hour sessions
This is the basic introduction to the AR15 type and covers the Basic Function, Operation, and Maintenance of the semi-automatic rifle. This course provides the new AR15 type firearm owner with the basic information of how to safely operate semi-auto rifles, ballistic information, and how they function. The class also includes a block of instruction on how to use the iron sights and how to sight-in the rifle. Additional instruction will be given on AR15 maintenance, the proper selection of the AR15 type firearm and accessories, N.J. compliance issues, and an introduction to AR15 operation and basic marksmanship. This class is a blend of classroom and live-fire range sessions. We will teach you fool-proof methods of operating and shooting this rifle. Equipment requirements: An AR15 type rifle, eye/ear protection, a long-sleeve crew neck shirt, ball-cap, approximately 200-300 rounds of ammunition and 3-full bodies magazines (Hex-mag or similar type magazine). Limited to 8 students.
Prerequisite: None

TTC Semi-Auto Rifle 101 – AR15 Type



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