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TTC AR Low Light Clinic

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May 21, 2019 6:00 pm
May 21, 2019 8:00 pm

AR-15 Tactical Rifle Clinics – Emphasis LOW LIGHT
Duration: Two 2 hours
Our Tactical Rifle Clinics are one day clinics of approximately 2 hours of training where we emphasize the basic skill building drills and techniques of tactical shooting skills. There are no prerequisites for these courses but you should have safety and operation fundamentals in place before you attend a clinic. These clinics are skill-building in nature and are offered to get the shooter out of the ports and onto a real range setting so that you can build upon and maintain you basic “360 degree real world” shooting skills. The clinics emphasize standardized unloading/unloading, safety and combat marksmanship utilizing established Minimal Acceptable Standards of Performance. Student should have at LEAST 3 full bodied magazines, but more are recommended. Also needed is at least 100 rounds of range friendly ammunition (see range rules), eye/ear/long sleeve high collared shirt, baseball cap. These are a fast paced skill building clinics, and are appropriate for beginning, advanced and professional AR15 type operators. Targets are provided.
$75.00 and depending upon membership level.

TTC AR Low Light Clinic

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