As an instructor who conducts private lessons, I often encounter clients that are new to firearms. Frequently these clients have a preconceived idea of what firearm they’d like to purchase. That often changes once we start shooting different firearms.

When I bought my first firearm over 30 years ago, my research into purchasing firearms consisted of reading magazines, talking to people some of whom lacked real knowledge, and going to firearms stores.

I wish the Tactical Training Center and its rental program were around when I first started my journey towards purchasing my first firearms. I would have saved money and I would have saved space in my gun safe, taken up with firearms I rarely use. Even though I feel comfortable enough now to buy a firearm without shooting it first, I still enjoy and find it beneficial to shoot other firearms. Learning the mechanisms of a new firearm helps to continually improve my shooting skills.

Every shooter from new to seasoned will benefit shooting other firearms. Not only will it help you decide exactly what firearm you’d like to buy, it will increase your firearms operational knowledge. A fun thing that I like to do is experience a firearm of a different type than I’m used to. Say you only own a semiautomatic pistol, shooting a revolver can be fun and exciting. Same goes for those firearms owners that only own a shotgun. It will be great to experience a modern sporting rifle.

The Tactical Training Center located in Flemington, NJ, has over 70 firearms available in the rental program. These firearms range from .22 caliber bolt action rifles to a .44 caliber revolver and everything in between. In addition the firearms are well maintained with regular cleaning and inspections. The Tactical Training Center also has a very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful sales staff that can assist you in both renting and purchasing firearms. Whether you are just starting in firearms, owned firearms for a few years or a seasoned firearms owner, renting a firearm at the Tactical Training Center is for you.

TTC Master Instructor
About Jay: Jay retired in 2019 as a Detective Sergeant in the Town of Clinton (NJ) Police Department after a 26 year law enforcement career involving both patrol and investigative assignments.