Better than Laser Tag for Fun Family Parties and Events — TTC Laser Combat!

This is NOT Laser Tag… this is Laser Combat!
An Exciting Event for the Whole Family

If you’re anything like me, looking for something to do for my family involves seemingly endless internet searching and asking others for ideas. Change that to looking for party ideas and the task seems impossible. What inevitably happens is we settle for the usual party ideas like theme party venues, entertainment businesses or we just settle for our homes. In the case of home parties, it requires planning and pre and post cleanup.

Why not try something different? Whether it’s a kids or adult birthday, bachelor or bachelorette, family reunion or a work party, Laser Combat is different, fast paced, exciting and fun.

We Can Customize Your Entire Laser
Combat Experience, Even for Bachelor Parties!

Laser Combat or as it’s often called Laser Tag utilizes simulated “guns.” While they are called “guns,” no projectiles are shot. What is “shot” is an eye safe, invisible laser. This is what makes Laser Combat inherently safer than paintball or air soft. In addition to being issued laser “guns” each participant is issued a laser receiver which makes noise and lights up when hit by his/her opponent’s laser beam.

During Laser Combat, some common games are team vs team, everyone for themselves, capture the flag and protect an area. No matter what game I’ve seen played, every game ends with everyone smiling.

Exciting Custom-Missions Made for
Your Entire Party’s Enjoyment!

Laser Combat at the Tactical Training Center features a large arena, realistic “guns,” and tactical equipment such as helmets and vests. Parties can bring in their own food/refreshments and enjoy them in the arena or for a modest fee in our VIP room. There are three packages: “Infantry Pack” which has a plastic laser gun (the guns in this package are more designed for small children); “SWAT Pack” which has a realistic metal M4 laser gun; and “Combat Pack” which has an AK-12 (full auto) laser gun.

For more information or to book, go to our Laser Combat booking page here.