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This blog was created to provide some guidance for the person considering the purchase of a handgun.  Handgun purchasing and education for the new or new-to-be shooter can be somewhat intimidating and even a little complicated, especially in New Jersey.  The Tactical Training Center, LLC has established an exemplary basic handgun training program.  We also have an exemplary continuing training program, but more about that later.  The Basic Handgun class is oriented towards any new shooter and will not only put aside any mystery, but it will also save you time, money and most importantly, frustration.

The Basic Handgun Class is typically taught by former or current law enforcement officers who have been carrying handguns and teaching handgun skills for decades.  We also possess the know-how to guide you through the New Jersey Handgun Permit Purchasing Procedure.  The Basic Handgun class consists of an informative classroom session followed by a live-fire range session in an environmentally safe indoor range.

A good basic training class should consist of several educational pillars. The first and most important pillar is that the class should place safety first and establish groundwork for continuous safety.  The Tactical Training Center’s ingrained philosophy is that any accident with a firearm is totally unacceptable AND preventable by established safety procedures and methods.  Our safety protocols extend beyond the range and into your own home and personal use.

The second pillar is based upon keeping you safe and out of trouble with the law.  Many people are inherently intimidated with New Jersey’s complex legal system and the legality of purchasing a firearm, transporting, storage and use.  The TTC and all of its employees have been navigating the legal system for years and we are more than happy to equip you with the information you need to keep you free from legal predicaments and pitfalls.

The last pillar of the Basic Handgun Class provides a platform for handgun selection by conducting what we call, “familiarization fire”.  It is an important aspect to familiarize and “fit” yourself with the balance of a handgun when held.  The features of the handgun differ from type and manufacturer.  The grip, as well as the operational features such as the magazine release, slide lock, trigger, hammer, can all play an instrumental part in your safety and success.   Again, we return to New Jersey’s handgun permit system and want to save you time, money and frustration by selecting a proper handgun.  We don’t want you to select a handgun that isn’t fit for you, because it’s hard to manipulate or hard to shoot. The familiarization fire also provides the foundation for handgun operation and marksmanship skills.

The Tactical Training Center Basic Handgun class is the best start for anyone who wants to learn how to properly use a handgun.  Come to us for a safe, positive learning environment and some of the best firearms instruction you’ll find anywhere, at a very reasonable price.

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