With the recent US Supreme Court ruling, there is a renewed interest in personal protection outside the home in New Jersey. More people than ever are applying for handgun carry permits.

Carrying a firearm should not be taken lightly and comes with a lot of responsibility.

Coming from a combat Marine Corps Infantry and police Special Weapons and Tactics background, I know the value of proper training. Not only can it save the lives of you and your family, it can potentially save you legal trouble.

For the concealed carry individual, your training needs to be relevant, realistic, challenging and most importantly reoccurring.

Carrying a firearm without proper formal training does not make you a responsible concealed carry person. In the same vein, carrying a hammer does not automatically make you a carpenter. Carrying a firearm without proper training endangers you and the lives of others.

I’d recommend your live-fire firearms training consist of not only how to operate your chosen handgun but operating with a holster in a concealed carry manner. Formal training, including tactical marksmanship, is important along with practicing at the range.

Along with a reoccurring live fire firearms training, every responsible concealed carry person needs Reality Based Training. Fortunately modern police and military training does not consist exclusively of firearms live fire. Police officers and Service members train in realistic environments that mimic what they might face on either the streets or battlefield. That way when faced with a threat or combat, they can react appropriately. Same applies to the responsible concealed carry individual.

Like live fire training, Reality Based Training needs to be reoccurring not just “one and done.” The training should be held in a controlled environment that simulates the environment a responsible concealed carry person frequents. The training should include realistic but non live firing “guns” that give marksmanship feedback. There should be trained role players who stick to specific learning objective scripts. Finally the training needs to feature both shoot and don’t shoot situations.

The Reality Based Training Series is a series of classes created to provide a clearer perspective on the Use of Force decision making process. This particular class will incorporate TTC role players to bring you the most realistic situations. The focus will be on non-lethal solutions to these scenarios with lethal options as a last resort.

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