Specialty Services

Specialty Services Available by Appointment Only

If you are interested in a service, please make an appointment by contacting:

Scott Lessig
(908) 968-4855


Traditional Cleaning: Field Strip + : Keep your gun in peak condition with a professional deep cleaning and inspection. We’ll break down your gun, wipe down the parts, remove debris and carbon, visually inspect for wear, apply oil to friction points and test fire with caps.

Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning: This form of deep cleaning removes all residue from the surfaces and leaves the metal totally bare without damaging the blueing or finish original to the firearm. Also removes residue and debris totally inaccessible by traditional methods. Cleaned gun is visually inspected for wear, oiled at friction points and test fired with caps.

Handguns: $49.99
Rifles: $79.99

Gunsmith Work

Our elite & professional gunsmiths perform repairs on and make modifications to all firearms up to .50 caliber. We offer free initial consultations and reasonable turnaround time all while being more affordable than you think. Give us a call today, even if your just thinking of a modification or repair. As a firearms and accessory dealer, we’ll be able to order the parts in advance and save you time and money. Call us today or request a quote by going to our Contact page and filling out details in the More Details field.

Handgun/Rifle Sighting

Even the best shooter in the world is going to miss the mark if their adjustable sights are not set properly. This service helps the shooter to eliminate that concern. The shooter will be accompanied by an instructor/coach to assist the shooter in achieving enhanced point of aim/point of impact relationships. This service will generally commence with firing from a bench rest and progress to a more advanced shooting position or posture.

Additionally the shooter will shoot the firearm at various distances, from approximately 7 to up to 40 yards away (depending on firearm being sighted). The outcome for this service is a properly sighted handgun or rifle for the shooter. This allows the shooter to be more accurate in the delivery of rounds, more confidence in his or her abilities with the specific firearm as well as making the outcome of firing the firearm more enjoyable. This service is recommended for the purchasers of any new sight adjustable handgun or rifle shooters.

Cost: $95.00

Includes one hour of range time. (Shooter provides a minimum of 25 (maximum 50) rounds for the firearm being sighted.)

Personalized Gun Fittings

Designed for both novice and experienced shooters, each one-on-one, private session considers the intended use of the firearm and the operator’s preferences including manufacturer, firearm size, caliber, function, and the sighting system. The “fit” of the firearm will be calibrated to the shooters grip-to-hand-size ratio and the shooter will have the opportunity to evaluate their ability to manipulate the unloaded firearm. To become proficient and enjoy shooting a firearm, it must fit the shooter appropriately; a TTC personalized Gun Fitting will ensure that the selected firearm does just that.

Cost: $40

Want Free Range Time and Big Discounts?

A VIP level membership may be a good fit for you. VIP memberships offer FREE range-time, the ability to make reservations 7 days a week, access to the exclusive VIP Lounge, big discount on things like ammmunition and so much more. Please come join the club. We offer many levels of access to Central New Jerseys finest firearms destination.