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Tactical Handgun Clinic

For the next few weekends we are offering a Tactical Handgun Clinic before the range opens. Come and brush up on your handgun skills!
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Independence Day Special!

This weekend, we would like to celebrate the Independence of our country. Bring in a new shooter as your guest in the port and they shoot for free!
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How to Get the Most Out of Our Bench Rest Platforms

This video contains information on how to use our Benchrest platforms so that you can properly sight in your rifle. Use the platform to minimize human error and get a proper zero on your rifle whether using a rifle scope or iron sights.
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The Tactical Training Center of NJ is pleased to inform you that we have Glock rentals available! Our handgun rentals are only $10.00. Right now, we have the following models, G23, G41, G19, G43 and a G22. They shot GREAT!
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Defensive Handgun 210

Here, the user will develop a skill set for efficiently operating and accurately firing a handgun. The class will also consist of position shooting, clearing malfunctions and self-defense considerations.
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This Father’s Day, Ditch the Tie!

The Tactical Training Center and the Ryland Inn have teamed up to put together an amazing Father’s Day gift. No matter what the level of expertise there is something for everyone. You have heard of wine flights or beer flights well this is a...